Monday, March 30, 2009

First Trip to Fayetteville

We made our first trip to Fayetteville a few weeks ago and I finally have chance to post some pictures from the weekend.
Auntie Em and Jackson in their matching "Save Darfur" T-shirts


Uncle David

Uncle Daniel

Grandma Jerry

Aunt Taylor

4 Generations Family Picture

Cousin Stephanie

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun With Friends!

Jackson has been quite the social butterfly lately. He has been "playing" with lots of his friends. Here are some pictures from our "playdates."
Emerson Miller (2 1/2) with Baby "Jatson". She loves to talk to him and ask him "what you doin' baby Jatson? She is so sweet with him.

Easton Miller (4)

"CC" (just days before she had Cohen) and Jackson

Kate (his girlfriend) was born 5 days after Jackson.
Happy babies.....

Not so happy babies.....

Duke and the boppy.

Playing with Mimza

Titus Hawk (6 months, he's a beast!!)

Malerie Hawk (2)

His buddies Malerie and Titus came to visit last week.

Jackson is doing much better after he started his reflux medicine last week, and I was finally able to capture a smile!!!