Friday, September 3, 2010

For Adults Only

Since Jackson was born, Daniel and I try to take an "adults only" trip each summer. Last summer we went to Chicago and this summer it was Minneapolis. Most of you know Daniel's roommate from college, Scott Baker, plays for the Minnesota Twins, so we decided we would take trip to check out the new ballpark and see the Bakers.
Here are some pictures from our vacation!

This picture was taken from our seats, which were great!
We didn't actually get to see Scott pitch, but they put this up after Saturday's game to announce Sunday's starters, we left Sunday morning....of course :)

Daniel with Kirby Puckett statute.

Pictures of Target Field. It was a beautiful ballpark and don't let the empty seats fool you. These pictures were taken about an hour before game time and the seats were completely packed before the first pitch.

Farmers Market downtown

Joe Mauer statue...there are about 10 of these around the downtown area. Minnesota loves their Twins and LOVES Joe Mauer.

A random building.....

We found this Irish pub the second day we were downtown and needless to stay we visited quite a few times before each game.

Oh how the Irish have a way with words.....great words to live by.

Daniel and his new favorite drink, The Big Ginger

Me with a water....not really :)