Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Frenzy!! (and other random pictures...)

This weekend was a weekend of a couple of firsts: Jackson attended his first football game. On Friday night we went to the Jenks vs Union game and of course we had to find Jackson a Jenks shirt. So, on the way to the game we stopped off at Walgreen's and picked up this youth small t-shirt(that's the smallest they had.)It did the job and he looked really cute and Jenks won!

Unfortunately, another first this weekend was OSU's first loss of the season. I won't say much more about it, but Jackson was sporting his OSU jersey, (thank you Carissa!)
Again, he looked really cute, but not a great outcome.

Jackson and I both spend most of the first part of our day in our pj's. Here are a couple of pictures from one of our rainy days this week.

Jackson and Kaycee, he loves the dogs.

Jackson really likes to eat/play with veggie puffs, really I think Duke likes it the best because he ends up eating most of them, but one got stuck to his face and I thought it made a cute picture.