Monday, June 22, 2009


WARNING: This post does not contain pictures of Jackson. I know most of you will be disappointed, but this is a post about our first trip without Jackson. You have been warned.
Daniel and I took a trip to Chicago a couple weeks ago and had a WONDERFUL time! It was really nice to actually have a conversation and enjoy some time together. We definitely missed the little guy, but we knew he was in good hands. Here are some pictures from our trip!

We stayed with my mom's long-time friend (Cindy) and her boyfriend (Tom). Their place is unbelievable and they were great hosts.

This is a shot from one of their front balconies.

Theses are some pictures from their rooftop.

We ate dinner here one night, Cindy is an amazing cook.

Me and Cindy.

This picture was very 'touristy' it is where we waited for the "L" to take us to Wrigley Field.

Night shot that doesn't do the night-time city view justice, trust me.

This is a river that runs behind their building.

Daniel and Cindy.

While in Chicago we got to attend the Cubs vs. Twins series. Scott Baker, Daniel's roommate from college, pitches for the Twins. We got amazing tickets and had a awesome time. Daniel is a die-hard Cubs fan and this was his first trip to Wrigley Field.
These are our new "Louisiana" friends, Kieffer and Carson. Carson and Scott went to high school together.

Here we are sporting our Scott Baker t-shirt jerseys that Leann (Scott's wife) got for us. We wore them the day he pitched. And surprisingly, none of the Cubs fans yelled at us.....there were actually quite a few Twins fans there.

This is Scott getting ready to hit. Because this was an inter- league series there was no DH so Scott hit for himself.

We had great seats and other than one day the weather was awesome.

Ryan Theriot (former LSU Tiger) current Chicago Cub.

Did I mention they were LSU grads??

After the game on Saturday, we went to a local Wrigleyville bar, "Rock-It", and Rock-it we did, maybe a little too much. We were able to watch the College World Series Games and got to see the Hogs and Tigers win, so it was a good day for both couples.

Me and Kieffer.

Daniel with Eli and Easton, Scott and Leann's boys.

Daniel and Scott.

Leann, Kieffer, Me and Becca (Scott's sister)

Daniel and me with the "Holy Cow" at Harry Caray's restaurant we ate at Friday night.

Justin Morneau, first baseman for the Twins.

Daniel with Harry Caray statue.