Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!
Below are some pictures from a playdate joint birthday party for Jackson and Kate.

The Birthday Kids

Mommas and their babies.

Natalie and Neely.

Birthday hugs

Carenza and her babies, Beckham and Adele.

Cohen, Beckham, Jackson= Triple Trouble



Group picture!

Jackson Rew has turned 2!

He has been quite the busy little guy lately. He loves trucks, buses, airplanes, basically any form of transportation. He also loves his baseball tee (thanks Uncle Nick and Aunt Taylor), which he currently takes batting practice with in the entry way :) He also loves jumping on his trampoline in the backyard (thanks Midgie and Papaw).
We have also been jamming out to all different kinds of music (Auntie Em has helped out in this department). He has recently become a big fan of the show Yo Gabba Gabba! (not really sure what a Gabbba is, but he loves it) He also loves to read books. He has quite the collection going (thanks Namaw and G-dad).

He sleeps about 12-13 hours a night, (which his momma loves) and naps about 2 hours a day.

At the moment, Jackson is more of a vegetarian than anything. He loves green beans, peas and is starting to eat broccoli. He also likes cheeses, sandwiches with peanut butter, yogurt,
mac n'cheese and other non-meat things. He will occasionally indulge in chic-fil-a chicken nuggets and a hot dog.

Jackson continues to be a talker. He puts 3-5 words together and loves to boss Kaycee around. His personality has totally blossomed and we look forward to spring so we can get outside!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Height: 36.75' (96%)

Weight: 27 lbs (38%)


  1. So glad to hear your little man had a great bday. He is super cute, but come on look at who is mommy and daddy are. We are also enjoying the show Yo Gabba Gabba, such a silly show but it is very entertaining!! XOXO

  2. That first picture of the two of you is priceless. And triple trouble is right! :)

  3. so cute...happy bday jackson! i feel a little left out...maybe i need a kid or something.... =)